Gaffer – Commercial shoot in London’s Centre Stage studios

Another successful commercials shoot with me as Gaffer. This time at the well equipped Centre Stage Studios in Islington London. Director of Photography Sam Gordon shot this Trainline commercial featuring a well known actress of the popular series Poldark. This studio featured an innovative spacelight alternative with the Arri tungsten sky panels. The were surprisingly punchy and three 10kw fresnels were needed as a key to cover action during tracking shots. Towards the end of the day, sparks James Cavan and Russ Greening got inventive with a rotating gobo rig to simulate a moving train window. Everyone was extremely happy with the results and I look forward to working with production company Redcreate and all involved in the future.

Director: Ben Cookson. DoP: Sam Gordon.

Commercial Shoot Gaffer Spark Gobo Innovative rotating gobo with sparks Russ Greening and James Cavan

10kw Fresnel Gobo The gobo effect in action